Who We Are

Legacy Bible College is an independent, private Christian college. We are evangelical with a Baptist heritage and history. Our Mission is to equip students to impact their communities for Christ. Our Vision is to offer an affordable, quality education founded on Christian values and a Biblical Worldview.

Our Worldview

Every institution of higher education develops or adopts a worldview. LBC teaches from a Christian worldview. James Sire defines a worldview as

“A commitment, a fundamental orientation of the heart, which can be expressed as a story or in a set of presuppositions that we hold about the basic constitution of reality, and that provides the foundation on which we live and move and have our being.”

LBC believes that all areas of life are viewed through the prism of a Christian worldview. We teach from a solid biblical foundation, and a primary teaching objective is for our students to form an integrated worldview in which all areas of life and learning are subordinated to the Lordship of Christ.




Legacy Bible College trains ministers and lay leaders, infusing in them a passion to know and teach the Word of God and to grow healthy churches that impact society with the love of God. Our programs are designed by ministers for ministers. Legacy Bible College offers Masters degrees in Pastoral Ministry, Christian Education, Biblical Studies, and Theological Studies.

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Our Student Life area provides enrichment opportunities through activities, conferences, and missions.  Conferences provide exposure to outside education and excellent network opportunities.  Go out and meet new friends, mentors, and contacts!  Missions allow us to reach out to others both in the US and in other countries and demonstrate a servant’s heart.

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LBC’s faculty is geared toward the encouragement of a mature Christian faith, toward a greater appreciation for the mission and message of the church, and toward the development of the ability to work with others to enlarge and advance the Kingdom of God.

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We want to help you be your best at Legacy! Let us connect you with the tools and services that will let you learn and perform at the level we know you can reach. LBC offers a variety of services to help you grow personally and academically such as Internships, Tutoring, Counseling, Personal Assessments and More.


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  • “For me, teaching at Legacy Bible College is far more gratifying than teaching at any other school in the country because I know the students are here because they know they are called and want to be here. It has been a blessing for me, and it has also been one of my ways of meeting the needs of my neighbors.”

    Charles Sunwoo
    Charles SunwooLegacy Bible College, Professor
  • Legacy Bible College has not only inspired me in education, but has lead me to a deeper, more personal walk with the Lord. The professors teach in an engaging way and leave me feeling energetic about the things you have learned. I never thought I would learn this much about the Bible in such an exciting way, I am thankful for the things God has taught me through Legacy.

    PJ KeenStudent
  • “I am a satisfied customer and I would highly recommend Legacy Bible College to anyone who really wants to minister.”

    Rev. Dusty McLemoreLindsay Lane Baptist Church

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